About Us

PRASKA DOORS have consistently trusted in moving along with the changing decisions of our clients and accepting advancement. Our Manufacturing has extended to incorporate a broad scope of doors which are of top quality and strength with attractive designs. We have been recognized well in the industry for the past years for our plan, quality, and manufacture of superior quality doors better than any of our competitors in the market at attractive prices and safety. Our spearheading ability empowers us to organize flawlessly by giving a renowned and novel style with manifestations of incomparable quality. Equipped with a team of experience and expertise we are successfully giving satisfactory services to our customers from the corresponding dealer points located at various districts within no time.

We built doors with high-quality Galvanized steel with a wooden finish giving them an aesthetic look which also helps you in saving up to more than 40 to 50 percent of your expenses than the conventional ones. The multi-lock systems add on to the security and easy fix model makes it more convenient for everyone and makes our product very much customer friendly. The specialized bullet locking system based on Italian technology enhances the security of your doors to a very great extent. Withstanding weather, resisting UV radiations qualities helps our doors to last long. Compatible with almost all types of construction including apartments, offices, villas, hotels, showrooms, companies, and many more, Praska Doors has been delivering high-quality outputs with guaranteed safety and affordable prices to make your places beautiful, safe and secure.